Wastage of power is observed in electrical circuits due to the Voltage variations , power pollutions like harmonics, unbalanced current, spikes, surges and high reactive currents. PRO-TEK power saving product uses latest upgraded technology to provide quality and optimum power to various loads to save power. Once quality power ,rated power is supplied to electrical gadgets, they work to optimum efficiency with enhanced life span.

Features :

  • Power savings upto 20% , More in lighting load.
  • Reduces heat generation in chokes, ballast and prevents energy loss and hazards.
  • Reduction in MDI.
  • Improves life of all equipment.
  • Uses high quality raw material to get high efficiency of 99.5%
  • Reduces maintenance cost .
  • Continuous duty rated 365 days 24 hours.
  • Pay back period is shorts within 1-2 years based on the conditions and usage.
  • Life above 15 years
  • We can also provide timing profile for enhanced power savings. We put a Data logger and records grid variations for a week with every 5-15 min.