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Human life concerns electric power casts prominent role today. City life and rural life concerns electricity is the most essential source for living. Simultaneously utility load shedding & break down problems increase day by day. In connection our R&D department has developed Pro_tek power inverter. The power inverter is with latest HEXFET Technology to provide uninterrupted, pollution free, correct power supply. In case of power failure the power inverter start up and feed the power. When utility power restored, it diverts automatically to mains & its CC-CV charges the battery with approx. 25 Khz pulse with current limiting intially & decreasing current as battery get charged to keep battery healthy.

Features :

  • PWM HEXFET Technology
  • Swift Change over (Optional)
  • Battery reverse polarity protec
  • tion
  • Battery overcharge/ deep
  • Dishcharge Protection
  • Battery condition Indication
  • Battery Low pre LED, buzzer indication
  • Unique dual overload protection
  • Audio-Visual Indications, single Switch operation
  • Compact design, rugged and reliable


# Specification
Input Voltage 170 V - 275 V, 50 Hz +/-5%
Output Voltage Same as input
Charge over time Less then 1 Second (Less than 10mili Second optional)
Output Voltage 220 V (rms) +/-5%, 50Hz +/-1%
Wave Form Modified Quasi Square
Battery Voltage 12V / 24V / 48 VCD
Backing time Up to 8 Hours (depends on battery)
Recharge time Presettable, normally 12-15 hours
Efficiency >85%
Protections •Battery reverse polarity •Low Battery •Overcharge • Overload • short ckts. • Under and Over voltage.
Indications 6 nos. Battery condition indicater. One each continuous for Mains, Charging & trickle One each blinking for inverter on, Battery low & Overload (Total 12 Leds).
Instrumentation One 72 MM square ampere meter on front panel.
Capacity 150VA/200VA/300VA/400VA/500VA -12V
500VA/600VA/800VA/1000VA -24V
1250VA/1500VA/2000VA -48V
Model Battery Voltage Charging Ampere Battery No. @4 Hrs. Battery Backup Capacity (Standard Company)
350VA (280W) 12V 11 1 120AH 2 Fan + 2 T/L
500VA (380W) 12V 12 1 150AH 2 Fan + 4 T/L
650VA(500W) 12V 12 1 180AH 3 Fan + 5 T/L
1000VA(780W) 24V 12 2 150AH 4 Fan + 7 T/L
1200VA(1000W) 24V 12 2 180AH 6 Fan + 10 T/L