The basic purpose of AVC is to maintain the desired voltage and to reduce the breakdown of Electrical Equipments due to low/high voltage. Power saving and reduction in MDI and improvement of P.F.will be added advantage at high voltage.

Voltage variation is a common pheno-menon. The imput voltage is generally low during daytime and high during night hours. In India all Electrical Equipments are designed for 230/400 volts Single/ Three phase.

Low Voltage :

  • At low voltage you will not be able to operate your machines at rated capacity resulting in lower production
  • You need to run the machines on DG set. The power cost of DG set is three times as compared to charge by electricity board

Unbalanced Input Voltage Between Phase to Phase :

It is suggested to install unbalanced type AVC in the following conditions

  • Where the customer do not have their own Distribution Transformer
  • Industries / Offices are situated in Residential / Commercial / Rural areas
  • Where most of load is of Single phase nature
  • Where the voltage is very Low / High


High Voltage % Reduction possible in breakdown of Electrical Equipments with AVC % Power saving possible with AVC
Motors Below 10 HP Lighting load Motors Below 10 HP Lighting load
380-400V No Reduction and No AVC required No Reduction and No AVC required
400-420V 5% 10% 3% 5%
420-440V 10% 20% 5% 10%
440-480V 20% 40% 7% 20%
460-480V 40% 80% 10% 30%

Servo Voltage Stabilizer

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