We are specialized In Isolation, Ultra Isolation and K-Rated transformers. We Design our Isolation Transformers in such a way to meet all the purpose of an Isolation Transformer. We are supplying our Isolation Transformers serving with lot of CNC Manufacturers, CNC Machine Shops, UPS Manufacturers, Imported UPS dealers, etc.

Isolation Transformer

An Isolation Transformer is a device which is use to decouple two circuit, the load to the Isolation Transformer and to the Input supply, Isolation Transformer suppress electrical noise which occurs in transmission line. An Isolation Transformer blocks transmission of DC signal from one Circuit to other and allow ac signal to transmit. It also prevent interference cost by ground looping. Isolation Transformers are constructed with two isolated Faraday shields between the primary and secondary windings. The use of two shields in the construction of the isolation transformer diverts high frequency noise, which would they occur The two shields provide more effective isolation of the primary and secondary circuits and also isolation to their grounds.

Ultra Isolation

Ultra Isolation Transformers are used where high attenuation level is required like Communication Systems, Wireless Station, Sensitive Medical Equipments etc., These special type transformers are manufactured by splitting primary and secondary coils results reduction in coupling Capacities in transformer Circuit

This noise appears between both sides of power line and ground. These High Frequencies noise occurs between ground and conductor.

Transverse - Mode noise is much more difficult to eliminate than common-mode noise. These High magnitudes noise occurs between two conductors due to switching action of equipments

Advantages of line Isolation Transformers :

  • Very high noise attenuation capacity
  • Reduced coupling capacitance.
  • Lesser leakage current
  • Suitable for higher harmonic loads.
  • Core will not saturate even if the applied voltage is high.


K factor is value used to determine how much harmonic current a transformer can withstand without exceeding its maximum temperature level. Huge numbers of single Phase loads like computers also create nonlinear harmonics. A standard Transformers can not handle the harmonics due to non-linear loads. When harmonics enter in to the transformer the core gets saturate as result it produced lot of heat causes the failure of transformer.

k-rated transformers are Specially designed to with stand this non-linear harmonics. K-rateing differs according to the harmonic levels like K-1, K-4, K-7, K-13, K-20, etc.,

We are designing our K-Rated Transformers according to its guide lines and Specification given by ANSI C57 standard NFPA-70, UL 1449 and UL 1567. We use high grade CRGO laminations for our K-Rated Transformers. Our K-Rated Transformers are Class-H which will with stand 180 continuously. We use notching type lamination for our K-Rated transformers, because of that our Transformer core will not saturate even in high Voltage.


Non-liners Load K-rating
THD < 5% K-1
THD < 35% K-4
THD < 50% K-7
THD < 75% K-13
THD < 100% K-20

We also manufacture Aluminum wound Transformers with the same quality to minimize the initial investments Our design will support to maintain the same performance of Copper Transformers in Aluminum Transformers also.


  • Copper wound construction mainly strip in parallel to reduce skin effect.
  • Ultimate design.
  • Notching type of lamination (CRGO) which can prevent core saturation due to. non-liner harmonics.
  • 10 to 15% over voltage also the core will not saturate.
  • Working with very high flux density.
  • Compact Size
  • Class H insulation, High thermal withstanding capacity.
  • 100% liner harmonic attenuation and more than 75% on non-linear Ida, Tapping in the primary side of the transformers.
  • Attenuate triple line harmonics from the line.
  • Multi shielded transformer where you will get higher common mode noise attenuation.
  • Excellent transverse mode noise attention.
  • Solve 88% of tropical power disturbance.
  • Low temperature raise.

Translate due to switching on the utility line and harmonics from the drive system, can be cause intermittent tripping of circuit breakers. Furthermore, modern switchgear, equipped with solid state trip sensing devices is designed to react to pack current rather than RMS current. As switching transients can peak over 1000 volts, the resulting over voltage will cause undesirable interruptions. A reactor added to your circuit restricts the surge current by utilizing its inductive characteristics, and therefore eliminates tripping.

Due to the attention of line distributors, the life of your solid state deykesiaxtendettwhen protected by the use N. of our line reactor.

Due to the care in the selection of the core material with its optimum flux density, our line reactors will not saturate under the most adverse line conditions. Since the inductance is linear over a broader current range, equipment is protected even in over current circumstances.

Due to the care in selection for the output of your drive, will enhance the waveform and virtually eliminate failures due to out put circuit faults. Subsequently, the motor operating temperature will reduced by 10 to 20 degrees and motor noise is reduced due to the removal of some of the high frequency harmonics currents.

I he total harmonics distortion of variable speed drives produces complex A voltage waveform illustrating line notching. Line wave shapes such as the phase current shown above, the challenge for reactors are used to provide the inductive reactance today's designers is to effectively minimize these line problems. needed to reduce such notches

Particular attention has been focused on the design and field testing of this product line. The result is reactors with ideal operating features including low temperature rises and reduced losses. Our reactors will operate efficiently and heat dissipation in your equipment concern.

MINIMIZE HARMONIC DISTORTION Non-liner current waveforms contain harmonics distortion. By using our line reactor you can limit the inrush current to the rectifier in your device. The peak current is reduced, the waveform is rounded and harmonic distortion is minimized. Current distortion typically is reduced to 30%.

Harmonic current distortion can also cause the system voltage to distort. Often, high peak harmonic current drawn by the drive, cause "flat-topping" of the voltage waveform. Adding a reactor controls the current component and voltage harmonics distortion is therefore reduce.

SHORT CI RCUIT CAPABILITY In a short circuit condition of the coil is necessary to limit over current after the core has saturated. Our company has extensive experience in designing dry-type transformers to with stand short circuits for the most demanding, and this experience has been applied to line reactor design.

Whenever AC power is converted to DC by a rectifier using a non-linear device, such as an SCR, the process of communication occurs. The result is a notch in the voltage waveform. The number of notches is a function of both the number of SCR's in the rectifier. Line reactors are used to provide the inductive reactance needed to reduce notching, which can adversely affect equipment operation.