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Pro_tek range of Advanced Power conditioner Series introduces Pro_tek CVT. These CVT are specially designed for their best performance to Indian power conditions.

  • Constant output against wide range of I/P Voltage 180 V- 280 V.
  • Eliminates spikes, Notches, Noise & other transients.
  • High degree of isolation between input & output.
  • High correction rate : 2 cycle.
  • No moving Parts. Low maintenance & long life.
  • Very low distortion : max. 6% with Sinusoidal output wave form.
  • Automatic Current limiting & short circuit protection.
  • Electrostatic Shielding on units.
  • For 1% change in frequency Output voltage variation is only 1.5%
  • Aesthetically fine look,compact &sleek in look.
  • 120% overload for 3 minutes.
  • Cool in operation up to full load.
  • Energy storage for line loss of 5 sec.

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