Sulphation of plates and terminals is a major problem with Lead Acid Batteries used in Inverters and Vehicales. Using our de-sulphating Battery Booster circuit, the working life of a Lead Acid Battery can be increased from 2 years to 6 years, with dramatic improvement in the output (Ampe re-Hours).


  • Prevents Sulphation of plates
  • Increases working life
  • Improves performance (output Ampere-Hours)
  • Lets you monitor the Battery condition by displaying precise Battery Voltage on a 3-digit 7 segment LED Display
  • Can even revive a Battery already damaged due to Sulphation
  • Cosumes less than 2W
  • Micro-Controller based with Intelligent De- sulphation Algorithm
  • Easy to install Compact * Economical
  • Reduce electricity bill as it keeps battery plates clean, Which reduce recharge time. Working indication by LED's. Help protect the Environment